Burley Patch


Oil on Canvas - 16" x 20"

Private Collection

Copyright 2015 - Barbara Miller


My husband has laid claim to this painting but I imagine he would entertain offers.


One of the 5 paintings representing the distinct seasons and regions of Greene County, Tennessee, this depiction of a small patch of Burley tobacco depicts the rural northern area.


Having spent many years growing up in this area, the ripening Burley brings back memories of my childhood. Many farmers made the bulk of their living on an acre or so of this bright leaf tobacco.


Once the stalks are cut and placed on sticks by way of a metal "spud" or spear tip, the sticks of tobacco are hung from poles in the barn to cure. Climbing the tiers of poles to hang the tobacco required a brave heart and sure footing.


Prints and note cards are available.

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